Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What a long, dreary day... and not a picturesque one as above. It has rained all day, a hard, driving rain with grey skies and a cold wind. I went out twice, both times for Will. I had promised him orange chicken from Panda Express yesterday and a promise to Will is a promise that will be kept come rain, snow, gloom of night... you know the drill. And then a little while ago we dashed up to Blockbuster between downpours. I think he will be content for the evening.
I have had a decidedly unproductive day. I did work on a few nest assemblages, but the gloom left me rather uninspired. My friend Laurie called to tell me her bedroom is flooded. She must have a leak in her ceiling. How dreadful!
So, here I am with my mantra... rain, rain, go away... hoping for sunny skies in the morning.


Donna said...

It rained here in south TX too.
I'm sure the sun will be out tomorrow.

Sea Dream Studio said...

Thanks for popping in Donna!!


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