Wednesday, June 30, 2010

finding joy...

Life is no picnic. There are so many woes, personal and in the big wide world, still I find joy is in great abundance. Today I picked tomatoes, read a bit, spent over 4 hours at Fry's trying to get a computer issue resolved. Okay, the computer thing wasn't delightful, but I remained pleasant and in the end I think my attitude helped. I think my problem will soon be resolved.
I am grateful for my life, my family, the wonderful comfort I take from creative pursuits. Those joys ease the stresses of life. I never, ever want to become blinded to the good and beautiful in this world.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


All of my Paper Cowgirl students got an A +, not to mention extra credit and a bucket of gold stars!
What a delightful group of gals! We laughed, glued and chatted non-stop. Three hours flew by!
What a privilege it was to "teach" these creative, arty girls! I am blessed!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

frivolity just around the corner!

Today my sis and I FINISHED class kits and sacks-o-swag for Paper Cowgirl! Yippee!
Tomorrow we will be doing some prep for vendor night and on Thursday we head down to Waxahachie! Good times, laughter and BIG FUN are sure to ensue!
As much as I am looking forward to PC,it will be a relief when it is over. I am ready for some lazy summer days... some time to enjoy my family, to read, relax and create at a more leisurely pace.
My youngest son had his birthday party today. I really cannot fathom how my baby got to be 14!!! ~sigh~
I am off to dreamland...

Monday, June 14, 2010

June... ahhh

Oh, how I love this glorious month! Yes, I live in Texas and it is hot, but I don't care!
June is the best month to me... I wish it lasted all year! And it does in the Virgin Islands.
I really should live there.
Oh, well, anyway here I am in the Dallas suburbs enjoying this beautiful day. Paper Cowgirl is in less that 2 weeks and I am making preparations for my mermaid class. Sequins and seashells are the order of the day.
I am determined to appreciate every minute this lovely time of the year. It is a beautiful gift to be alive

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Cowgirl Swag!!!

Okay, Paper Cowgirls... just finished and listed some really fun
and sparkly limited edition Paper Cowgirl pendants in my Etsy shop!
Get'em while they're hot!
You know you want to roll up into Waxahachie
with one of these babies glinting in the Texas sun!
You will look FINE!
Trust me... if there's one thing I know, it is ACCESSORIES!!
Go fetch 'em here!


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