Friday, March 14, 2008

my kitchen rocks!!

Well, here I am frying up a raven's egg for dinner in my spic-n-span, super deluxe, clean and ultra-organized kitchen! I'd post a photo of my pantry, but you'd be so jealous it would make you cry! After a dash over to Bed, bath & Beyond for some wire shelves, my sis (she rocks!) and I transformed my packed pantry into a vision of suburban bliss! It is so tidy I could kiss it!
Now, on to the laundry room where I have stashed some weird things... Carly Patterson signed Wheaties boxes, a "projecto-scope", aprrox. 132 cookie cutters, dog trimmers and so forth. Let the dumpster be filled to over-flowing!!
Don't you envy this amazing life of mine????


Joy said...

You must share the photos - you MUST!

e. beck said...

i need a dog trimmer ... i always think about getting one .... would i just end up storing it in my pantry?


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