Friday, March 14, 2008

bolt your doors!

We will not be thwarted! Sis and I are off to El Cheapo Jewels Shoppe! Do you think I've over-dressed? It is supposed to be 82 marvelous degrees here today, so I am feeling quite festive!!!
95 cent baubles here we come!!!


mendytexas said...

OOH...I remember my fav cheapo jewelry and accessory shop I've ever been was called Cheapo Rico's. I swear! LOVED it! Have fun! :)Mendy

Tiffany said...

oh have a blast! I wish we had someplace like that near me, I would be in heaven.

e. beck said...

baha! you can never be overdressed for cheapo jewel shopping!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Thanks girls! We scored! Found some flashy, cheap jewels!! What a rush!


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