Tuesday, August 09, 2011

signed, sealed and delivered...

No, I was not as sad as I look in this photo, I promise!!

Yesterday was the big day. My son did his final swearing-in
and boarded the plane to Great Lakes. 
He was able to text me and even called from the airport.
And then at 12:32 I got "the 3 second" call.
He sounded strong, wide-awake (I'll bet!) 
and the teeniest bit nervous. I said a few encouraging words
and told him we love him and that was that.
Mostly I am relieved that he is there safe and sound.
I know he can handle boot camp. 
Yes, I miss him terribly, but I am refusing to give over
to sorrow when there is so much to be grateful for! 
This is what he wants to do! Qualifying for Nuke School
is an accomplishment in itself. I am so happy for him 
and I have confidence in the US Navy. 
This is what they do~ they take boys and girls
and make them men and women and United States Sailors.
It is an honor and privilege to serve.
Today begins the wait for "the box" containing
his clothes, the form letter where we can write him
and the next call (in 3 weeks hopefully) and the first letter.
If he can do boot camp, I can do Navy mom!
Having the support of  loving family and friends,
the amazing US Navy family and a strong faith
comforts me and reminds me to focus on the good.
So~ I give the Navy my precious son with confidence
and gratitude and a fervent prayer that these 
8 weeks go swiftly and without complications. 
HOOYAH! Go Navy! 



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