Monday, December 12, 2005

Poets like jewelry!

Thank you to my poet-friends who have ordered pendants. It is a joy to create them for you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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Pendants !!

Ok, folks... Here's the scoop... I will be happy to offer my pendants for $20 each. This is less than my wholesale price. I will mail them via USPS Priority Mail (usually 3 days or less) for $3.85.This is the shipping cost for 1 or 15 pendants. They fit nicely in a flat-rate envelope. I pack things well so you will receive them safely. If you have any qualms about ordering from me please checkout my eBay feedback.
have posted photos of the pendants-front and back. The POET pendant is mine... but I will be happy to make you one with whatever you want on the reverse. Special orders are $5.00 more (still well below my normal price). If you place a special order, please allow me some artistic license and keep in mind that the pendants are 1" x 3".
All pendants come with a 24" ball chain. The pendants are all original designs and are hand-made by little ole me. The scans are in groups of 2 showing the fronts and backs of each set.
Thanks so much for looking. Please email if you have any questions or wish to make a purchase. Check back often as I am making new pendants this week.
take care all~dale

Friday, September 09, 2005

I have lived through another day!!!

Friday!! I am drinking a nice cold Sol and pretending I'm in Playa del Carmen... not Dallas. So far it's working. I will be looking for the beach in about an hour. Worked today... dear God... that's about 9 hours this week! I'm exhausted! Been making mucho art!!! Writing a bit. I need to kick ass. I am way behind on my timetable for the ... novel(ha ha)! I have hit a bit of a bump... just stuck on some chronology stuff. I hate to have too much switching back in forth in time sequence, but it can't be totally avoided. Always the damn details screw me up.
Oh, hell... almost out of beer. I do have a nice bottle of Shiraz...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

the slow death of secrets

I draw the thin coat
of my last mysteries tight,
gather it around my shoulders,
though it holds no warmth
in its sheer folds.

You have taken my hands
and pried them open,
released the grey moths I treasured.
On tattered wings they fluttered
into your long shadow.

The rusty coins I clutched
landed dull at my feet.
Lark feathers, dried violets,
cowries and paper stars
all tumbled through my fingers.
Snippets of silk, sequins and snow-
this was all I cherished.
Had you hoped for dragons?
or blood or fire?
Did you look for keys and locks of hair,
letters, mirrored daggers,
poems and plotted maps?

We sit now, knee to knee,
and you trace the lines in my palms,
study them with exquisite patience,
certain you will discover
the one jagged stripe that reveals all.

Monday, August 22, 2005

art attack

ATCs are practically shooting out of my fingertips! Also, started on some pendants... trying to be disciplined and work step-by-step. Lord, that is hard for me! But, they are coming along nicely and now that I have the mid-November show to prepare for, I should be able to focus and churn them out.
Too bad life has to get in the way of art stuff...
Still finding little time to write. So hard to find a quiet moment. It's so difficult to hold onto a thought when kids, chores, etc... are constantly needing attention. So, I scribble on scraps as always and sometimes manage to fill in the blanks.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Hot as a griddle. Big surprise, huh? Texas? Hot in August? NO WAY!
Can't find a second of quiet to write. Kids go back to school on Monday... poor tikes... but than I can maybe have a cohesive thought. No promises...
Made a minute's worth of art last night. Felt good. I am wanting to paint... and make jewelry... no time. My head is chock-full-o-ideas... That's a good thing, though the housework tends to suffer.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

beach walk

I glorify my small struggles,
picture them swirling,
epic seas with tidal pulls.
I think I own the constellations
that scatter at the storm's approach,
imagine my eager heart churns
the brine and whips the winds
that gather filled with threats and thunder.

This whole life I have touched broken things,
leaned down to pick them up
beneath the briar bushes-
not brave, just untamed,
embracing my tiny rebellions.

When I am distilled,
my bones bleached
as white as the sand I treasure,
my little hurricane will go unnamed.
The sea will swallow the torn boards
and tumble the shards I leave.
Across the ocean another woman
will gather a sliver of smooth green glass
and lay it on her windowsill.

the path is strewn with...

... all sorts of wonders and perils.


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