Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am shocked and amazed...

My son Ian's passport arrived a week or so ago (he's traveling to Costa Rica this summer to study in the rainforest) with an error. His middle name is missing a letter. No biggie, right? But it could be. If customs noticed and took a notion to, they could detain him. EEEK!!! Today I called the US Passport office. After a phone maze much less daunting than the one my insurance provider has in place I pushed "0" to speak to a representative. I sat back with my coffee and prepared for a nice long wait. I figured I could do a couple of loads of laundry, maybe rotate my tires. Lo and behold, what did I hear, but a human voice! Yes!!! A very nice lady who helped me (even laughed and not at me) and I was off the phone in record time! Amazing! Efficiency in a government entity. Probably outsourced, but still... wow! I am still reeling!
So hats off to the super-efficient U.S. Passport Office! You rock!Look at 'em go!!!


Holly (Nickname) said...

wow... That's amazing....must have been a slow day or just never know! I took my friend to our local DMV the other day and the same and out in 15 minutes! I was preparing to take a nap and wait...and she came out before I even got comfortable...
Have a great day!!!
xxxooo Ruth

Sabii Wabii said...

I had a simular experience. They called ME! They had a question about one of our passports they were processing...when I told them I was waiting for mine also she said ,"hold on and I'll check on it!". Minutes later she says I have it and will process it right now also! Amazing!


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