Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday night...

Just contemplating every little thing here in suburbia... So, here it is the beginning of my kids' spring break. Of course the rains are rolling in.
What ev... They are just glad to be home for a week. My 2 youngest may go down to Corsicana for a few days to hang with the grandparents. They live on (well, actually right beside) a lake so it is boy heaven with mud, rocks, the potential to get wet and maybe find a snake.
My sis and I FINISHED reorganizing my kitchen today in our on-going quest to free ourselves (well, me so far... her place is next) of all of the extra crap that conspires to make life a chore. I am feeling very zen-like... happier and freer with each sack-o-stuff that we haul away. I racked up at Half Price Books today, selling them a TON of books and videos. I LOVE my books and it was hard to part with so many of them, but it felt empowering to let a lot of them go. Now I am down to a mere million or so.
Tomorrow we conquer the hall closet and head around the bend to the master bedroom. My house feels lighter and lighter all the time!
I am so glad that spring is almost here!


Abbie said...

Oh! Can you ladies come to my house????PPllllleeeeaaaasseeee?????
:) I could really use some weeding out and throwing away! What a great idea to tag team with your sister!
Thank you for entering my giveaway!
I just listed you on my blogroll..
I'll be back to catch up on your blog and shop.. everything looks just lovely!

Joy said...

Can I borrow your sis??!!!

Sea Dream Studio said...

LOL! Well, I have to say we are rather skilled at organizing... esp. my sis! She is a wonder. I've told her more than once people would pay for her expertise... but I don't say it much. She might decide to charge ME!

Thanks for stopping by!

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Sounds like you and your Sis are making great progress! Keep up the good work! One of these days I will do what you are doing-someday...most likely when pigs fly!! Ha! Have a great day Dale!


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