Friday, March 28, 2008


So, I am up to my neck in this insane spring cleaning/life overhaul, but I HAD to take a minute to make a little SOMETHING! I used some charming images from the most endearing vintage baby book to make this banner. I loved working with these colors... aged pastels, I suppose.
This is available in my shop (link to your right).
My sis and I nearly worked ourselves to death yesterday. We are always having to move something that weighs more than we do.
And I'm wondering why I have so many shoes... and still want more?? I only have 2 feet. The math is so screwed up... Oh, well...
It is a dreary day, but still springtime, so I will not despair. I am off to McKinney to do my one day a month shift at the shop. I am soooo over-worked ;)...


Scrappy Jessi said...

this is darling!
have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

take a breather hun!! lord your making me tired! haha I love the banner but I am not shocked I do I love everything you make. haha at least ya dont have a lovely cold like me... blah I dont get stick the whole winter but once the nice weather rolls around I am feeling like crap with a cold.. Oh and dont feel bad I dont even have room for all my shoes they use to be in my trunk till like a month ago when I had to take over the whole closet! haha just never got them all out from the move. well anywho going to get some more tissue! hugs


Jeanne said...

Cute Banner Dale! I should be "spring cleaning" too, but we keep getting snow, so it's hard to get in the mood. I feel since it still looks like winter outside, I can put off the "spring cleaning" for another day. Good luck with yours though - sounds like you are making good progress!


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