Monday, August 30, 2010

I don't like green eggs and ham...

Actually it is winter I don't like. And here it is the end of August. The days are getting shorter and nearly everyone I know is giddy at the mere thought of autumn. Alas, I am not giddy or even slightly glad. In the autumn everything dies and it gets cold and dark and dreary. Why would I like that?
But I do like boots... There's that.
I would joyfully live where winter is but a fairytale. I dream of burning my winter clothes in a glorious pyre! Dried leaves and bare branches do not delight me. I need sunshine and salt water and long, long days.
So, there is my little rant in anticipation of the bleakness to come.
For all of you autumn/winter lovers~enjoy! You may have my portion!
Me? I am building a boat that can carry me to the West Indies...
or perhaps I'll take up curling...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

back to school

Between my own school years and my kids' (ages 14 to 25 now) the school calendar
has ruled most of my life. Summer is too short. School holidays are treasured. Days are
arranged around school hours. Even now, with a senior and an 8th grader I like to be home when my boys arrive after school. There is homework to oversee, papers to sign and stories of their days to be heard... and cherished.
Always, at this time of year, I am reminded of how quickly the time has passed. Gone are the hectic mornings of getting 4 little ones dressed, fed and off to the school bus. Things are calmer now and I have the gift of time to savor these days. Someday the school calendar will not be of my concern. I will miss it.
For now, there are breakfasts to make, hugs to give and time for gratitude for this life that is often beautifully ordinary.
~Dale ♥

Saturday, August 21, 2010

not so fast...

School starts here on Monday for my 2 younger boys. Summer has flown by.
I wonder what it is like to not have the school calendar run your life...
It really is still summer until late September and here in Texas it stays
warm long past that time, but after school starts the lazy days are but a
sweet memory. I will miss the kids being home during the day, but it
will be good to plunge into all the projects I had set aside for the summer.
And some of those projects involve seashells and sand, so I will hold onto
to my favorite season a bit longer... ♥

Thursday, August 12, 2010

good Mojo...

Even though I am a bird owner, there is something about caging a wild and beautiful
creature that sits uneasy with me.
Our endearing parrot, Mojo, has gorgeous (unclipped) wings... vibrant green with a deep aqua underneath. When he flies around our home (he has a specific pattern or two that he flies) you can feel the power in those glorious wings as he passes over. It is amazing how much he churns the air.
We rescued Mojo and we love him. We try to give him the best life we can. He has a huge and splendid bowfront cage and we let him out as much as we possible. He has lots of toys and gets plenty of attention. He seems happy and healthy. He talks a lot! He would most likely not survive in the wild, so we try to make his caged life a good one.
I feel blessed to know this enchanting bird, to hear him speak and see him spread his wondrous wings and fly.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

hot, happy days...

I am so loving these beautiful, hot summer days!
Yes, it is the 100s, but I still love it!
I am busy making jewelry and graphic design creations.
And savoring every sun-filled day!
Tomorrow my sis and I are going to visit some
of our favorite haunts in search of treasures.
Every day is a gift for which I am so very grateful!
Hope you are also enjoying these fleeting summer days...


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