Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it is upon us...

Well, try as I might, I could not stave off the arrival of the cold.
Yes, by many standards, Dallas has mild winter weather, but we DO have
cold and wind and last year... the dreaded S-word fell on us with a vengeance!
I am not so very fond of bare trees and howling winds.
Tell me, what mermaid would be?
BUT~ I am feeling very creative!
I've been making lots of pretties and that always
warms my heart.
I have a show this weekend.
Here's a peek at some of my wares...

Stay warm~


Saturday, November 20, 2010

How did that happen?

November? LATE November... wha???
Last thing I remember is being poolside with a lime flavored beer
and now the chilly winds of November are making flurries of colored
leaves. Times waits for nobody and no thing! But, as these days pass
in shades of pewter and gold, I will remember that springtime will
be on the other side.
Autumn means show season. The photo above is a snippet of my setup
for a show last weekend. It was a good show! I am in my studio today
preparing for the next one. It is a grey, cold day and my studio is warm
and glittery. It's all good.
Hope your weekend is cozy and filled with things that make you smile.


Friday, November 12, 2010

show time!

I can account for absence! The above photo attests to my whereabouts.
I've been feverishly preparing for this weekend's show.
I've been chained to the table in my studio/sweatshop, nearly buried
under a heap-o-sparkles! Good times!
I will be at First United Methodist Church in Plano this weekend
hawking my wares. Just look for a cloud of glitter!

Monday, November 01, 2010

in flight

Halloween is the perfect time for a bit of time travel.
I sort of believe in time travel... I WANT to believe in it,
so I guess I do. It goes well with glitter and I like the clothes.
My friend Jana (on the right) joined me for a wee trek through the ages.
What a magical night. Hope yours was, too!



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