Thursday, March 20, 2008


Oh, thank God... SPRING IS HERE at last!! As you can see, my sis and I are celebrating in our usual way!! We are so happy tohave survived yet another grey Texas winter!! Now we are all about buds and butterflies, bunnies and beer, baubles and beautifully sunny days!!!!! JOY!!!
The arrival of Spring has energized me. I will shuck off my lethargy and make this day one filled with accomplishment... and festive dancing with my sis!!!


Amybella said...

It is beautiful here in Dallas (or where I am...Frisco)!! After all that rain...the sun is making everything look so green and pretty and it's Spring Break, which is even better since I am in the education field!! Just wanted to say Hi, luv your site and it is great to know a fellow artist is close by...
Smiles ~Amy

mendytexas said...

Lovin' my spring break away from school!!!! Went to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo...whowee! GREAT TX weather, huh? :)mendy

Sarah said...

too funny!


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