Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, Sissy...

So, my sis is coming over today and we will certainly be up to our usual shenanigans. I plan to beat her with a stick and make her clean my house and then I might reward her with a cheap bauble from one of our favorite super-top-secret junque jewelry shoppes... but only if she does a good job!!
Okay, okay... I won't really beat her, but she is going to help me with some re-organization in my most unloved room... the kitchen! I really wanted to build this house without a kitchen, because in my opinion it simply raises expectations. I got no support on that idea, so I, alas, do have a kitchen... a poorly appointed one, neglected and not cherished. But in my quest to have a better attitude toward those things I do not care for (cooking), I am cleaning, rearranging and generally trying to make my kitchen more endearing. My sis is the Queen of Organization, so she is a great help, not to mention we have a lot of fun and frivolity when we are together.
And we may indeed make a run to the Junque Jewelry Emporium after our chores. After all, a girl need a bangle or bauble after a hard day of scooting Tupperware and tidying the dishtowels.


Anonymous said...

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PLO said...

I call my Sissy, Sissy too! I am going to see my Sissy this weekend, I will take your advice and beat her into cleaning!


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