Sunday, February 01, 2009


Geeze! Where'd the weekend go? I spent mine working on digi orders and taking care of the husband. He has the FLU! Egads! I am swimming in hand sanitizer and spraying Lysol like a madwoman! Somehow we never got around to getting flu shots this year... DUMB!
After a shot AND an IV at the doc's office, a pile of prescriptions and a few days in bed the husband is slowly recovering. Poor thing!
It was gorgeous here this weekend... very warm, felt like SPRING!! Even the birds were sounding spring-ish. I know, I know... it's winter and as if I needed a reminder a cold front is roaring in like a run-away freight train as I write this. But, it's February and spring WILL be here soon. Joy!
And, finally... my washer sits idle as we wait for a new motor to arrive. It is amazing how much time I spend doing laundry. Sometimes I wish we had pelts. Glittery pelts. Maybe some nice pink polka dots for me. ;)
I'm off to dreamland where islands and conch shells wait for me...


Leah C said...

2 winters ago, both my daughters got the we get flu shots ever year! Hope your hubby makes a speedy recovery:)

Moongrl722 said...

Hand sanitizer, lysol and maybe an antibacterial burkah (SP?). I am trying so hard to stay well, with all of these sickies around me, too. Maybe Gerald will do your laundry while I'm gone! LOL

Moongrl722 said...

Oh...and I'm mixing Airborne in with my coffee.


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