Friday, January 30, 2009

good news!

Back in the day...

pre Ike

Anyone who's been to Galveston in, say, the last 90 some years knows Murdoch's. Built literally on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, it has endured many storms, but last fall Hurricane Ike was too much for this landmark. Now, there is good news! Murdoch's plans to rebuild in the same spot, but a bit higher up, though it was wind, not water that brought her down. The Murdoch's website has the official word on the rebuild and many wonderful photos of this quirky and charming gift shop/bar/historic site. If all goes well Murdoch's will reopen in 2010, just in time to celebrate her 100 year anniversary! This is news to make a mermaid smile!
post Ike


Bobbie said...

This is parents have a picture of me standing next to a mermaid out on the steps of the Murdochs!
It was taken when I was about 4 or can tell in the photo I was not happy..when we went again, I was in High School..they insisted I take another photo in the same spot! Thanks for the memories! I'll have to see if they still have those photos.

Moongrl722 said...

Let's go!!!!

cindy said...

Good news indeed! :D


dollybelle said...

Hi Dale! Just wanted to tell you how much I love the banner you made for me!
thousands of hugs!

A. Waters said...

Hi Dale,

It's Alana from I wanted to drop a note and thank you so much for all the traffic you've pointed toward the site. It's been such a huge help to our efforts and SO much appreciated.

I tell ya what. Meet me at Murdoch's re-opening and I'll bring the champagne. It would be my pleasure to toast to their renewal with you.


Sweetina said...

That is just great news!
I remember reading about that and it broke my heart that such a landmark was erased from the area.
It is what makes a hometown a hometown and also history.
How wonderful that they will rebuild and celebrate their 100th!


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