Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ah, how lovely to awaken to the sound of birdsong!
Dare I say it? Spring is in the air!
I love the longer hours of daylight!
I feel my spirit getting lighter and more joyful
as winter begins to fade.
I am off to McKinney today to spend some time in the shop where I have a space.
It is a gorgeous sunshiney day... a good day to be out and about.
The poor husband is off to Minneapolis on business. Brrrr!!
And my washer languishes in the laundry room, idle and on the verge of extinction.
I am waiting for the warranty people to declare it dead. Time to pull the plug!
Happy Thursday! I hope you can hear the birds singing, too!


Moongrl722 said...

Let's have a wake for your washer this weekend!

Melissa Jones said...

Check out my blog.. I tagged you :)
Have a great weekend!

Leah C said...

Oh please let spring just be around the corner:)

vivian said...

38 days til spring! It was not very spring like here today.. in fact it poured out a little rain, sleet and snow! and the winds were atrocious! but.. it wont be long! You know what.. I forgot to feed the birds this winter! I always have a birdfeeder out.. I just plain forgot! I feel so bad!
have a great weekend!

cindy said...

Good, glad you got your booth nice and I'm headed over that way tomorrow! :D And I hear ya one the appliance woes...this is day 3 of captivity for me...the plumber, or rather I should say the "he threatens to appear" plumber has still not shown up. Cest La Vie...perhaps day 4 will prove to be the lucky day. LOL. And yep, lots of bird song here today. Lovely pc btw.


cindy said...
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