Monday, February 09, 2009

Ah, sunshine after a dreary morning... how nice!
I completed a few digital orders and shopped for some new elements. It is wonderful that more digital images are being offered with commercial use licensing. I make a lot of my elements, but it is great to find beautiful vector images, overlays and other elements to work with.
Our "winter" contines being unwintery. I am love the warmer temperatures, but keep thinking we going to have a freak blizzard at some point. My neighbor's cherry tree is in full bloom!
I am so sleepy this afternoon. I feel like I took a handful of Tylenol PM. I have got to snap out of it and clean up a bit. The washer repairman is coming after dinner to FINALLY fix my machine. Good grief, I am sick of washing my clothes in the creek! ;)
Oh, I think I MUST go rest my eyes...zzzz....


vivian said...

wake up Dale! I hate when I feel sleepy in the afternoon.. thats when I make a nice cup of tea and hope that it kicks in quick! Then again... some days, I suppose if one likes to take them, are good nap days. I dont nap.. though my husband does sometimes!
have a great week!

Tiedupmemories said...

All I can picture is the magtag guy coming over!LOL!What a relief when it gets fixed!It's such a pain when our appliances break down!

Lisa Loria said...

It has been POURING down the rain and COLD here in So Cal. Love it though. I live right under a mountain...well not under, but you know what I mean. The snow level is soo low, it is beautiful. 42 degrees today. Will take some pics and post them tomorrow. Just thought I'd tell you I Love your little fairy girl. Here's to Laundry...NOT. Don't you have a laundry fairy godmother? I wish I did...ICK!


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