Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Let there be light...

Whenever I see the work of English painter J.M.W. Turner I am struck anew by his stunning ability to capture something as ethereal as light. Turner's work is mostly landscapes and seascapes. Human figures are vague, seemingly unimportant in his work. Some have even called his paintings cold. I do not find them so. While he does not offer the perfected realism of Vermeer or the tenderness of Boucher's Rococo renderings, his work is romantic and enchanting. For me, the light in Turner's work is life. It is spirit and breath blossomed on canvas in impossible brushstrokes.

When I was fortunate enought to see his work in person it left me touched and uplifted, though his subjects can be ones of peril and statements of social injustice. Light draws us all, calls to mind hope and truth. In Turner's exquisite golden light I see the shadow of his heart.


Tiedupmemories said...

Both pieces are incredible!I'm amazed by such talent!Speaking of talent...love tour Valentine additions to your banner!

cindy said...

My hubby and I got to this exhibit a few months ago and yep, it took my breath away...his ability to capture the light was truly magnificent.


Sweetina said...

It is amazing that a human can capture light with brushstrokes, don't you think?
The first painting is unreal!
I must research more of his work.
I love all the old masters and new masters.I am especially fond of Impressionists.
Great post!


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