Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember when you were young and dating and Valentine's Day was such a big deal?
Now it seems like a plot by the greeting card industry, florists and chocolatiers.
I don't mean to sound grouchy. Love is grand, but I am just not so excited about
Valentine's Day anymore. I'd rather have a working washing machine than flowers!

Yes, it is true... my washing machine is STILL not working and the home warranty people are dawdling around like imbeciles. It is ALMOST laughable! Well, actually it is funny. In a sad sort of way.
Hey, look, I know this is a very small thing in this world, so fraught with despair and such. It is just a pain in the hiney...

The husband is flying in from Grand Rapids this afternoon and we have a V-Day party to attend.
I SHOULD be making a dish to take, but I think I'll just buy some cupcakes. I am just too &*#$%@ lazy to even look at the stove. Domestic Goddess... I think not!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day Dale! I will keep my fingers crossed for a new washing machine! xoxo

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
happy hearts day!!


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