Tuesday, February 10, 2009

enough already!

I strive for a peaceful spirit. I don't fret (too very much) over things that I have no power to change, BUT I am just about over having a broken washing machine! We have a home warranty to deal with this type of thing. Now we are 3 (yes, THREE) weeks into no washer.

I have been to my sister's to wash, to the laundromat and have handwashed some things.

It is getting rather tiresome...

How I long for this joyful domestic scene to play out at my home once again!
Today the super-tech is coming to offer his skills. If he can't fix my machine I'm going to HIS house to do my laundry!


Sweetina said...

Hi Dale!
I am right there with ya helping haul the full laundry baskets over to his place!
I sure hope it's fixed today.
Bless you,Girl!
Good news~i have awarded you 2 blog awards!
COme over and have a look-see.
If you don't do awards and such, just bask in the glow that you are adored and appreciated!

Lisa Loria said...

Okay Dale...our lives are just a little to parallel...3 boys, 1 girl.
In November my very expensive 3 year old high end washer kept stalling. I would re-set and re-set the bugger like on a dozen times, until finally re-setting it did nothing. After 8 days of waiting for warranty service.(thank God I paid the xtra $147 for extended 3 yr warranty)the guy said he wasn't sure what was wrong, ordered a part, which took another 3 weeks to receive & install. Long story long, whatever repair he did lasted 2 weeks and a month later they sent another guy who got it right within 24 hours. I feel ya' Sister. A broken washer is by far the worst appliance to lose, other than a water heater...but that is another story. I lost my water heater for 5 days once waiting for warranty service. Warranties STINK! Best of luck to you!
xo, Lisa


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