Sunday, February 08, 2009


Thank God it's Sunday evening!
The big event at church went well and the best part... IT IS DONE!
The paper moon portraits were a big hit and much frivolity ensued.
For some reason that moon just seemed to make people grin.
I am cranking out digital orders as quickly as I can.
Thank heaven I love this work! It still feels like play most of the time.
I am grateful for my wonderful customers who trust me to help them
embellish their blogs and shops. xoxoxo
I am going to have to break away from the cyber world for a bit.
I have sold out of 'Twilight" pendants at the shop in McKinney
where I have a spot. I got an SOS call from them yesterday
begging for more. I have them soldered, so I just need to clean them
up, add some bead and charms and run them up to the shop.
My car window is repaired and my neighbor paid
for our deductible. Very nice of them.
Hope your weekend was nice. It was in the 70s here!! Texas can be a very lovely place!


Tina said...

Glad it went well,Are you gonna show us the famous "moon"??? Inquiring minds want to see!!

Attic Rat said...

Glad you got your "baby" repaired. Boys will be boys. I, too, would love to see how your paper moon came out. Wednesday, I will be working on backdrops for VBS. Yes, I know it's not even close to summer. Our church is sponsoring the associational meeting and I am teaching classes on decorations. I need to have everything ready by the last Saturday of this month. We are going to turn our church into the Outback. It will be lots of fun. - Teresa


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