Friday, November 21, 2008

a Russian winter

Winter Sergiev Posad RGB, originally uploaded by komissarov_a.

I suppose it is remnant of my enchantment with "Dr. Zhivago", but I (who can hardly bear our silly little Texas winters) long for a Russian winter. Well, perhaps not an entire winter, but a week or two in this spot above. I want a cape lined with something crazy like beaver fur, some boots that lace up and a time machine...
~cue "Lara's Theme"...

In real world, Iam shivering because it is below 60! EEEK! Not fit for man nor beast! Luckily i am neither, so I will survive!

I MUST tidy my studio some today or the Art Police will be pounding on my door!

And now I will leave you with a poem I wrote...

Russian Winter

Outside Moscow the snow was clean,
a pressed white sheet spread and tucked
into the edges of the day. Your kiss faded
faster than the winter sun. Its pale memory
held no warmth or shadows where a dreamer
might find refuge. Night brushed the treetops
with grey smudges and crept across the sky
as swift and canny as foxes in a thicket.

Solitude was not enough for me, the losses
grown stale and distant. I came to Russia
so that I might shiver at her pallid dusks,
might feel my heart's wounds like broken glass
pressed hard against my bare palms.

At Suzdal I dipped my hands into the snowbank
past my wrists until the cold bit so deep
I could remember everything the world
had taken like a petty thief. There I drank
the twilght's rimed wind, an aperitif as sweet
as summer's lush and long forgotten bower.


Leah C said...

What a lovely poem! I especially love the line "heart's wounds like broken glass..." So poignant:)

Moongrl722 said...

That was beautiful! And, yes, it's cold outside today, especially for Texas. Bring on the vodka.

Angela Harris said...

Congratulations on your article in Artful Blogging! I just wrote one also. I guess it will be in the next one. it was so much fun. What an honor. i'm such a fan. I'm so glas I found you on Etsy. Absolutely beautiful work!

StickyKitten said...

OOOoooh, that picture is absolutely beautiful!!!

Couture de Papier said...

Yikes! Wanna switch places? Massachusetts has had plenty of Dr.Z winters! Below 60 and cold! I would take 60 all yearround!
Thank you for my gorgeous,inspiring banner!

Annabelle said...

Luv the poem and I too have a soft spot for Dr. Zhivago....As for the snow I have lots of it here and the cold to accompany it. Just missing the ice palace...hehe!

Hugs Annabelle


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