Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday greetings!

magical banner, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Oh, sometimes I LOVE Texas so much... like today when it is in the 80s!! I am so sorry for any of you that are being snowed upon today!! I know some folks love it, but give me sunshine any day!
Oh, and has anyone seen my housekeeping fairies? They are AWOL and I am getting rather perturbed with them. I have a sneaking suspiscion that they are vacationing somewhere with my laundry elves! I swear, you cannot find good help these days!


Tina said...

Love that banner!! Did your package arive??

Anonymous said...

Good Morning did you receive payment for your yummy blog banner?
xxoo Denise

Michelle said...

you have the most beautiful blog banners!

vivian said...

maybe your housecleaning and laundry fairies are with mine.. cause they are missing too.. maybe they are all at some fairyland holiday or convention or whoknows what. but I wish mine would return! God knows, I dont want to scrub that bathroom myself!!!


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