Wednesday, November 12, 2008

remembering purpose

The Yukimi or "Snow Viewing Lantern" is a style created especially for Japanese Gardens. Developed in the Ashikaga Period (16th century), all Yukimi lanterns have the same general form. They comprise a large roof, a light compartment and a base with three or four legs of various forms. The large roof can have spans of two to three meters across. They can be rustic, made simply of suitably shaped stones, or as this one, carved with an ornate lattice work light compartment, elegantly formed roof and supporting legs. A deep layer of snow can settle on the large overhanging roof adding to the charm of these lanterns.

Today I choose to see purpose and beauty in the things that I encounter.


Sweetina said...

Lovely and centering,Dale.
Also very interesting and such an amazing example of art in form and function.

StickyKitten said...

i tagged your blog, dale! it's the 6 unimportant things that make you happy tag!


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