Friday, November 07, 2008

Not yet...

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Yes, I know it is autumn, that winter is waiting just around the corner, but I am still in denial. The weather has been so marvelous here. Today is is cooler, but I think I will try to fool myself a bit longer.
I am off to take my daughter to the doctor. Poor girl! She feels lousy! Hopefully, she'll get some meds and be on the mend soon.
My sis and I had a play date (well, that's what it is) planned. We were going to visit our favorite junk jewelry shop, but I have to take care of my Kate first. The baubles will have to wait... but not for long. If I get Kate home, medicated and tucked in with a bowl of soup (hey, she's 19!), perhaps sis and I can streak up to the treasure cove for a spangle or two!


Moongrl722 said...

I hope Kate feels better. Mr. Wonderful had the crud this week, too. :(

Leah C said...

Hope your daughter feels better soon...and you get your "playdate"!


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