Thursday, November 13, 2008

mi casa

This vignette is on a table in a little hallway going to my bedroom. It is all white, seashelly and magical. I found the little fairies at the thrift store yesterday. :)
Here's some crazy, Frenchy stuff in my piano room. The painting in the background is very old and is painted on blue velvet (NOT a paint-by-number! LOL!).

My doll heads are hanging out in this little nest.

And, this is a glass case filled with sand and little odd treasures. Mostly all of these things are from the thrift store and I LOVE them!!
So, there's a peek at my abode.


Leah C said...

You've got some nifty, thrifty stuff! Love the all white pretty:)

vivian said...

looks like a perfectly beautiful place for a mermaid such as yourself to live!!!

Moongrl722 said...

Funny, those pics look just like this bar I hang out in almost every heads!!!!

Annabelle said...

Beautiful finds and so well displayed.I especially like your new fairies.


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