Wednesday, April 30, 2008

road trip!!

road trip!!, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

At last my sis and I are headed to Canton, TX to "The World's Largest Flea Market". We are leaving early tomorrow morning with our comfy shoes (I do not like "comfy shoes. I like PRETTY shoes, but will forego style for comfort just this once!), cooler full of non-junk food (if we want junk food, Canton has it!), granny rolling cart (a must for hauling treasures) and a very detailed wish list!! I am so excited as Sis has never been. She's a Canton virgin!!! She has been resting for 2 days in preparation. It is wise to conserve your strength prior to an endeavor of these porportions!
I am confident that the Flea Market Gods will be benevolent. I'll be back with a full report ASAP. My husband is having his knee surgery on Friday, so it may be the weekend before I can post my treasures.
Take care, friends! Adios!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh, you lucky girl!! How fun!! I live in Texas- I wonder how away Canton is? Hope you find all the treasures you are searching for!!

seadreams said...

Hello, Somehow I found you by mistake. I was looking for a mermaid cup and there you were. Anyway your site is beautiful, how do you do that?
I like you name for your studio too. ;-)

mendytexas said...

I want to go again!! Let's meet there this summer!! :)mendy

Sabii Wabii said...

How fun! Buy lots! Post everything!

Holly (Nickname) said...

Have fun at THE BIGGEST FLEA MARKET ever!!!! WISH I could be there! Have fun with your sissy...I don't know what will be more fun, the flea market or watching her reaction!!!

Make sure we see your treasures!
xxxooo Ruth


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