Monday, April 28, 2008

magical bubble

magical bubble, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Ah, how nice to have a weekend with no tornado warnings. Yes, it was cool and rainy most of the day on Sunday, but there were no raging storms or spooky sirens going off. Today is absolutely beautiful!
I feel so out of the creative groove. I need to get back in my studio ASAP! I have finished my house redo except for a few little things and some decorating projects that I have to complete. My sis and I are going to Canton on Thursday and my husband is having knee surgery on Friday, so I am trying to just finish up the rest of my little tasks before then. Next week I hope to be back to creating and restocking my shop. Art Walk is the first weekend in June and I have lots to do for that.
I have been spending some time looking for a vacation spot. We usually have something booked a lot earlier than this, so I am scrambling a bit. The prospect of gas at 5 bucks a gallon has made me look for something closer than Florida (which we LOVE). Texas beaches are so awful, though. I am considering the Gulf Shores/Dauphin Island area. It is a a few hours closer. We have been spoiled by the Caribbean beaches. I really want to fly to Mexico or the Virgin Islands to some swanky all-inclusive, but airfare for 5 is crazy! Aaaarg... what to do? I suppose there are worse dilemas...
Well, Will and I are off to find goodies for Mark's post-surgery basket. He does not do well with sitting around, much less being stuck in bed, so I am going to try to find him some diversions.
Hope your Monday is sunny and peaceful.


Kelby Linn said...

We'd sure like to have you visit Dauphin Island.

ACP Real Estate, Inc. said...

Love the whimsy of your blog. I had a look at your art and must say Dauphin Island would be the best spot for "collecting" found art. I live here and in Atlanta but also love the shores of the panhandle for it's Caribbean colors.

I just returned from a project that took us from St. Kitts to the BVI's and concur that the Caribbean is certainly unmatched.

The Gulf Shores area will have the whiter sand and clearer water but DI will more authenticity.

If you go to either take a day and visit the other with the DI/Fort Morgan Ferry ride. Such fun for adults and kids.

If you need advice on lodging drop me an email.


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