Monday, April 14, 2008

sleepless in Dallas

I love springtime so much! As a person who barely survives the dull, cold days of winter, spring is truly a new beginning. I savor every budding flower, chirping bird and ray of golden sunlight. But, here in Tornado Alley spring also brings some nasty storms. Last week we had two rough nights. You watch the weather on TV (until your power goes off) and contemplate shoving your entire family into your "safe" (ha!ha!) place (AKA~ the closet under the stairs). It is really unnerving. One of our bad nights last week actually produced a F-1 tornado in our area. We were lucky and only had roof damage, part of our fence down and the tiki bar and the grill tumbled. The wind was fierce and at 4:00 am it seemed like something straight out of hell.
Needless to say everyone watches the weather reports pretty intently around here for the next few months... and sleeps lightly.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh my how scary that would be.

Sea Dream Studio said...

Alison~ It is awful! And one has to TRY to be calm for the sake of the kids.
Thanks for dropping by!


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