Monday, April 21, 2008


Believe it or not, my ridiculously massive spring cleaning is O V E R !!!! This weekend nearly killed my sister and I, but we have triumphed over clutter! Come on over and you can inspect my closets, garage, drawers, etc...With the priceless (I say that because I am not paying her!) help of my sister (AKA~ the Queen of Organizing) I have a remarkably tidy abode. We will be celebrating with an excursion to Canton ("The World's Largest Flea Market") on May 1st! Below you can see that we have donned some festive dresses and are strolling about enjoying the tidy life.


Jeanne said...

Congratulations on completing your organization project! Please come and do mine. . .pretty please!

Anonymous said...

can your mermaid sis come along?? hehe love the dresses darling they look fabulous!!


cconz said...

lucky you, done with your spring cleaning. i've never been a tidy person so it will be many many days of sorting and throwing before i'm done. i love your collages and shadow boxes. when do you find the time to make all these pretties.


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