Friday, January 16, 2009


bright bird blog, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Ah, Friday... what a lovely vision that word stirs. Even for those of us who work at home, it conjures thoughts of idle hours curled on the sofa in a soft blanket, delicious novel in hand and a nice hot cup of coffee nearby. Not that reality is much like that. I will be curled up on the sofa with my blanket and coffee, but the novel will be this laptop and I will be working away on digital orders. I am not complaining, mind you! I adore what I do and feel very lucky to have plenty of work.
Hope your weekend is cozy and calm.


Elisa Day said...

wonderful image! Have on lovely weekend

Anonymous said...

Hope ya had a lazy Friday! I havent been working on anything digital in a couple of days. Need to start. but noone is wanting what I made kinda makes me wanna just give all the selling stuff quites. but anyhwo! big hugs!



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