Tuesday, January 13, 2009

crappy economy

High Style, originally uploaded by wackystuff.

I'm wondering where I can find one of these? With the U.S. economy in the dumper, I'm thinking the mortgage on this snazzy number might be just the thing. Do yo think they'd throw in the picnic set?
I have to say I really like the jaunty color scheme and how hard could it be to keep clean? For real...
So, I spent way too long at the Apple store today. My iPhone had fallen ill and had an appointment (seriously, you have to make an appointment) with one of the Apple geniuses. Yes, they are called geniuses, not technicians and honestly, they are pretty smart and undeniably hip. In fact, I felt cooler myself just being there. One begins to feel they are in some clean, bright happy AppleWorld or at least a commercial. And, if you are blessed to own some Apple stock you must be smiling in your sleep. That shiny store was bustling!!
And my own genius, Justin, hooked me up with a new, healthy iPhone. I was a little sad to see my old one (ha! 6 months) go, but it was very sick.
Cold here. What's with that??? Oh, yeah... winter... ugh...


Mia Sophia said...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning! "i felt cooler myself just being there".

I have long coveted one of those vintage campers, too! My hubby would object camping, however, in a large pink one!

Mia Sophia said...
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Mia Sophia said...

Thanks Dale. That's twice you've made me chuckle today.

Tiedupmemories said...

Great post! Love that photo! I'm jealous on your i phone. I 've been thinking about getting one but my family laughs because{you know how I am with the computer}they think I would not figure it out.Anyways they are cool!


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