Friday, January 09, 2009

faux spring

vintage sea avatar , originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Oh, it is so WARM here! In the 70s! JOY! GLEE!! I love winter (when it is unseasonably warm!)!!
I am off to McKinney today to work at Market Street and fluff my shop space. I am trying, no GOING to be more attentive to my shop space. It is easy to let weeks go by and not check on it. It really needs a visit about once a week, to restock and tidy up.
Hope your Friday is full of creativity and smiles!


Tina said...

HOpe you have a good time in this warmth..looks like your gonna have to put the longjohns back on soon :)

vivian said...

oh 70s!!! its cold and snowy here.. and they are calling for single digits for the end of next week.. thats brrr cold.. especially with the wind chill! enjoy that sweet warm weather, we wont be seeing the70s until at least april or may!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love your artwork - it's fabulous! Especially this lovely vintage woman by the sea.


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