Wednesday, January 07, 2009

vintage seaside avatar, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.


In this silence there are crescendos and flutters,
the constancy of pulse, distant wrens, a river
flowing beyond the cedars. I hear the shuffle of doubt.
How it pushes forward in this quietness. Longing
lisps across oak floors in tattered slippers.
Fear has no sound, but a coldness
that gathers in mute corners. It is here

in this hush, wreathed in stillness
that I hear my song. The thrum of wind
on water is in my breath. Spindrift
sighs and fades in lacey scallops.
In parchment whispers wings unfurl
to slice the silken sky. Seconds murmur
in the ebb tide, my declaration; I am here.


Attic Rat said...

I was flipping through all the wonderful magazines at Michael's yesterday and picked up Artful Blogging. Guess who's banner they featured? Yours! I said to myself, "I "KNOW" her! I was thrilled. Congratulations!!


Leah C said...

What beautiful words you write:)

Sea Dream Studio said...

You girls are so sweet!


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