Monday, January 12, 2009

lazy day...

Nice Chair, originally uploaded by wackystuff.

Well, well... what a lazy day. I've done some laundry, a few other household duties, munched on bonbons and played with images on my laptop. sigh...
I think a need a nap.
LOL! As if!
Actually, I've been as busy as a hive!
Did all the above (except the bonbons because I'm fresh out of them!)
and some redecorating tasks that I've been meaning to do forever.
Now, if only i had a cook. I do so NOT love cooking.
It is the bane of my existance!
So, let me scamper off and get right on that!


vivian said...

I dont really like to cook much either.. well sometimes I do.. but mostly I just want to eat!!

dollybelle said...

I know how ya feel! I can't seem to get moving sometimes! Worse that cooking is the cleaning up!
By the time I am done I am too tired to clean the kitchen...sigh...

Mana Moon Studios said...

Oh I haven't enjoyed Bonbons in forever, I really must pick some up, they're SO delicious!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Dale, yours is beautiful and I love your work.
All the best ~ Sharon

Gypsy Mermaid said...

lol i am with ya on the cookin! dont you wish there was a 24 hour free cook for every wife! omg that would be awesome! big hugs



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