Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I really hate winter. I find it bleak and depressing eventhough I live in Texas where are winters are mercifully short and mostly mild. But, we do have winter and I decided a few years ago to work on not despising it so. It seems silly to spend months moaning and pouting over something I cannot control.
So, I think I've done well. I am still cold all the time (really I am cold any time it is under 75) but my attitude is better. I have been, in fact, a bit proud of myself for nearly conquering this lifelong struggle to be at peace with old man winter. Today, however I realized that perhaps it is not so much my great personal growth and mastery of my emotions, but the fact that our "winter" has (so far) been quite sunny! We have not had the miserable, seemingly endless days of grey skies and dreary cold rain. Even on our coldest days, we've had a lot of sunshine. And we've had a nice amount of crazy warm days in the 70s and even a few in the 80s! So, I think I am not so much coping better, than I am having less to cope with. Works for me!
I am off to gaze at a beautiful, clear blue winter sky.

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Moongrl722 said...

All the more reason to plan our "I Hate Winter Party".


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