Monday, December 08, 2008

You know how somebody asks you in April to do something in December and you're like..."Sure! No problem!" Then come December you're going.... "What was I thinking??"
So, I agreed to help out with props for our church's first Drive-Thru Nativity. I'm not sure how historically accurate we were, but everything turned out very well. The weather was fabulous... only a little cold. The camel was calm and we didn't run out of hot chocolate! Yea!
Many thanks to my fellow decorators... Heidi, Staci, Anna and Susan. You gals ROCK!

My youngest son was Joseph and and my husband was King Herod.
I think he really like sitting on that "throne".


vivian said...

looks great! we have a church in our town that does this too, but only a living nativity scene. I love seeing it! probably will be out this weekend.
I love the reminders of what christmas is really about!

Moongrl722 said...

Your son is sooo cute and hubby makes a great king! I absolutely love your Christmas blog banner!


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