Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Divinity Reach

Divinity Reach, originally uploaded by bldgblog. Image by Daniel Dociu.

A dreary day here in Texas... misty and cold, very grey.
My daughter and I Christmas shopped and had fun hanging out together. She's a cool kid.
I am to busy with real life for much art right now and that always seems to make me a bit grouchy. I keep telling myself that in a few days Chrismas will be past and I can return to creative pursuits.
My inner voice reminds me to be in THIS moment, so I enjoyed shopping and laughing with my daughter and tried to dismiss all thoughts of waiting digi orders and such.
I love the artwork above, snagged from Flickr and apparently from an on-line game called "Guild Wars". I think it is a lovely and magical image. Those red flags are spectacular! I do admit I have a fondness for strings of flags. Perhaps it reminds me of past lives as a gypsy or a circus performer. ;)

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