Thursday, December 04, 2008

the weather outside is frightful...

Brrrr... it is crazy cold today, but sunny... high in the mid 40s! EGAD! Do I live in Texas or Michigan?? Well, despite the chilly weather Siis and I are headed to Harry Hines for some Chistmas shopping. For those unfamiliar with Dallas, Harry Hines is a road that is lined with the most wondrous shops all chock-full-o-cheap-bling! YES! SPARKLES!!!! I could tell you my favorites haunts, but of course, then I'd have to kill you. Suffice to say, if I am willing to go outside in this sort of weather, there are deals to be had!
Well, I am off to put on every piece of clothing I own and some cute boots and hit the road.
Hope your day is also filled with sparkles!!


StickyKitten said...

wow, sounds like fun!!=)

vivian said...

heehee! are you kidding me? your having a heat wave! haha! hope your shopping trip was fun!


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