Saturday, December 13, 2008

I adore this! This man is a god! Look how well his priorities are ordered... beer, wife and THEN food! Does such a man exist?
Doubtful, but it is a lovely fantasy!
Good morning! I am BURSTING with ideas today! So much to do and all I WANT to do is lose myself in a cloud of glitter and paper snips!
I am making a few mini-wonderlands this morning for Christmas gifts, working on digi orders and then I need to fly out to restock my shop space in McKinney and shop a bit, wrap gifts, get ready for a party... thank's basically it... well toss in a load of laundry or two and that's my day.
I love waking up early filled with energy and ideas!!!
Oh, I made some "Twilight "pendants last night and I'll post a photo later.
And how about that MOON last night!?! AMAZING!

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Anonymous said...

hey chick!!! gosh I miss the glitter clouds and hot glue stick dots! lol I so need to get my crafting back on. I just dont have that extra push ya know. We need to plan to go to canton together this coming spring!!! hey dont take advantage of having your washing machine in your house we dont have one I have to walk down a very steap hill to wash clothes then walk back down and put in the dryer! lol not fun. lets just say i have worn stuff that i never wear lately! hehe I sent you a little something let me know when you get it k!!! big big hugs!!



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