Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Xmas looms!

jana xmas, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

So, this is J's holiday banner. Festive, no? It was fun to make and it suits her. Sorry, J, but this is how I see you, sweetie! You're a Party-On-Wheels! xo
So, today I making banners (yes, Shery & Christine!!!), laundry (well, duh, I'm breathing!), making my Christmas cards (yes, yes, a little late) and making some phone calls to insurance company, school, etc (which I HATE doing).
We had some scarey wether here last night. I do so love TORNADO WARNINGS (not watches) in DECEMBER!! What's with that?? We get hail instead of snow. Not that I'm wanting that awful white mess!
Everyone knows what I want... palm trees, turquoise seas, one hand full of seaglass and the other one wrapped around an icy Caribe...
Sorry, I drifted off...
Back to the grindstone. The digital factory is O P E N!


vivian said...

oh yes.. lets go to the beach............................ well, after christmas!

Moongrl722 said...

I love love love my new blog banner!!! It's so glittery and icy and everyone is having such a good time. "Party-on-Wheels!? That's much nicer that what most people call me. hee hee. And I agree...bring on the beach!!



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