Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, here I am with my daughter, enjoying some wintery fun.
Okay, okay, it is not snowing here, but it is in the 20s and SLEETING!
How do people live for MONTHS at a time in this sort of weather?? It is really
not a good environment for human beings.
It is horrid for fashion. Even my faux Uggs aren't cute enough
to make me love the cold. And coats! Don't get me started!
Big, bulk, heavy, unflattering! Tell, me Northerners,
how do you bear it?
Sigh, it's just that I'm a mermaid, a CARIBBEAN mermaid.
My kind simply can't tolerate ice, except in a cocktail glass, of course.
On the plus side, by Thursday it will be MUCH warmer.
Until then I am curled and tucked into my heated throw,
dreaming of Tortola and white sails against a blue, blue sky.


vivian said...

Im in western ny.. between buffalo and rochester right on lake ontario... we get about 4 good months of snow, ice, wind and cold!! YUKK!! I guess you just get used to it. I wouldnt mind it if I didnt have to ever drive in it and if I didnt have to worry about others driving in it! though they are old pros up here about trying to keep the roads clear and people learn how to drive in it. I go slow and drive the people behind me bananas.. I'm sure!
stay warm!

Moongrl722 said...

It is wayyyy too cold here for Mermaids and Mayan goddesses. Give me flip flops and a sundress any day! Get used to it??? Get a U-Haul and head South!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard about how Wisconsinites handle the long cold winters? We are #1 in alcohol comsumption! Hey hon! Pass the bottle - another 32" of snow coming down! We LOVE IT HERE! HA!


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