Friday, October 31, 2008


10-30-08, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

The husband, Will and I carved pumpkins this lovely, balmy Texas evening. It was 80 today! It should be very nice for the trick-or-treaters tomorrow night.
Will enjoyed hacking his pumpkin and the husband outdid himself with yet another one of his crazy jack-o-lanterns. He always comes up with the nuttiest faces. I love this one's crooked mouth and beady eyes. Hey, is that supposed to be me??
As usual I got to remove the pumpkin guts. Wheee!!!
Now I just need to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and I am ready!


kayellen said...

Happy Halloween:)


MichellesCharmWorld said...

great collage!!!

Flea Market Queen said...

It's hot here too Dale!
Are you ready for Halloween...
Come over to my've been tagged!


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