Saturday, October 04, 2008

bad boys

bad boys , originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

So, I am trying to get into the Halloween spirit. DH bought a pumpkin toady and it sat there on the hearth reminding me that it is indeed autumn. It is still quite warm here, so I am pretending it is summer for a bit longer.
But, since Halloween is nearing I decided to play with some vintage photos. I think I made these previously wholesome boys look rather devilish. This is as close to Halloween creating (and some blog banners) that I can manage.
I am just more the sunshine and flowers type. Tra la la!


cindy said...

LOL! are too funny! Yep, you are definely a bluebird and starlight girl! : D Which is an entirely good thing!


Leah C said...

Love what you did to the photo! A fine bit of digital "devilry" there:) But I'm with you...much more of a sunshine & flowers gal myself!


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