Wednesday, October 29, 2008

digital dreams

IE WM, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

I have worked on so many digital orders today I imagine I will be dreaming in pixels. I do enjoy it so much, but I had to get my hands on some scissors, paper, glitter and glue today, too!
It was a chilly day and I didn't mind staying home and making art.
The cooler it gets the more I dream of the sea. Just think of it... the average temperature in Tortola is something like 84 degrees. Now some of you might consider that hot, but for me it is perfect! So when those chilly winds begin to stir I have only to remember beautiful days spent on some of my favorite islands. I am warmed and filled with with gratitude for every minute I have been lucky enough to spend in the Caribbean... and I WILL return!
Sweet dreams, my friends.


vivian said...

oh please take me with you!!!

Diane said...

I love the warm Gulf of Mexico and the white sandy beaches of West Florida, and yet a little chill in the air is so very nice!
Hugs, Diane

cindy said...

Just all the digi stuff you are doing? Would you care to teach a class on that? I would be in the front seat my dear! : D



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