Saturday, October 25, 2008

autumn in my yard

autumn yard, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

What a gorgeous day! It was pretty enough to make me think maybe autumn is not totally awful.
Worked on some digi orders today. I am so totally enchanted with this medium! It feels like MAGIC!!
DH and I went out for a nice dinner and a blissful hour at the bookstore. I swear I could spend a gazillion dollars there. But I didn't. Just one book which I am off to start.


Anh said...

What lovely colors!!! I know I won't see that in Houston.

Leah C said...

Yes, autumn can be lovely. And I could spend hours {& dollars} in a bookstore, too!
P.S. Love the new additions to your banner:)

suzeeez said...

Beautiful picture . Sue

StickyKitten said...

wow, the fall colors!

cindy said...

Dinner and a and Sweet Hub's fave date! : D


Felicia said...

That is such a delightful picture :)


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