Monday, October 13, 2008

The wedding we attended on Saturday evening was so lovely! It took place outside (at Southfork Ranch) at sunset. The day was glorious and ended with one of those fireball sunsets you only see in autumn. The air was just cool enough and the setting was utterly magical. The bridal party all wore a most delicious shade of brown and it was perfect with the gorgeous flowers in fall hues. The bride was wedding-topper gorgeous and the ceremony was blessedly brief! Dinner and dancing under the stars lent the night a decidedly faiytale air.
But I know what you are wanting to know about... THE CANDY BAR! Well, shame on me, but I took no photos. The picture above is someone else's (inferior, I hate to say) wedding candy bar. You get the idea, though. And the one at the wedding I attened was in the round like the one above. Basically there were containers of the all sorts of wonderous candies and little cello bags so you could load up your own custom sack-o-sweets!! I now have enough treats to bribe my youngest son for nearly a week! Imagine how clean his room will be!

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Leah C said...

Oh yum! I will need to keep this in mind for my older daughter's wedding someday...I better write it down, though, b/c she's only 13:)


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