Monday, October 06, 2008

little dumpling

little dumpling, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Ah, here you go, some sweetness and light!
It is a dreary, rainy Monday morning here in the 'burbs after a most picturesque weekend.
I was going to solder some more today, but the rain rules that out. Ihave found my soldering is lousy when it rains or the humidity is very high.
But, there is plenty more to do.
Hope your Monday is NOT rainy and grey!


cindy said...

Alas...has been over here as well! : D But I love a gray, rainy works for me! LOL. Love this little piece sweet.


Tina said...

That poor dear has Cankles..bless her heart..

Suzie Button said...

Hi Dale, I posted about your Magic lantern class the other day, and just realized YOU'RE the Etsy seller I bought the pink tickets from that I used to adorn my lantern! Gosh, I LOVE those, and they looked perfect on my lantern! Suzie

Sea Dream Studio said...

Cindy~ Oh, girl, you can have ALL the grey days! They bum me out! ~hugs~

Ms. T~ LOL! Yes, she does! Poor little thing! LOL!!!

Susie~ EEEK! How crazy is that??? Loved meeting you at PC!!!!

afiori said...

Your art is lovely but I find the little girl's eyes SCARY! :o

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