Saturday, October 11, 2008


wedding invitation, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

We're off to a wedding at Southfork Ranch tonight. Yes, Southfork Ranch as in the old TV show. It is a few miles form my house and is a popular venue for weddings. parties, etc. A friend's daughter is getting married. I embellishhed and soldered the invitation and am giving it to the couple as a wedding gift.
It is a spectacularly beautiful day and the ceremony is outside. It should be lots of fun since this is a pretty lively bunch who understand the concept of a celebration!
Oh, and they are having a candy bar!! Fun!


cindy said...

Those (candy bars) are all the rage right now. Lovely invitation. Hope you have a blast! And meant to say, love the piece below.


Leah C said...

Happiness to the bride & groom! Please share more about that candy bar:)

vivian said...

I'v never heard of a "candy bar" I hope you will take pictures!
dale, can we link blogs?
have a great weekend!

Tina said...

We at PC know how you love your CANDY~ let us know if they had icing shots!! t

Valita said...

I'm just now catching on that you live close to me. I pass by Southfork Ranch everytime I go to my mom's. i love the candy island at weddings, so fun.


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