Monday, August 25, 2008


What a day! Got the tots off to school (6th, 10th & college sophomore), poured a cuppa' and marveled at the utter silence that fell over my house. It seemed as if all of suburbia gave a collective sigh. And then... the phone rang. My sweet boy Ian had a fender bender on his first day of driving to school! Poor baby! No one was injured and our insurance deductable is not too awful, but what a way to start the day! No mom wants to hear that their offspring has been in any sort of an accident. I am hoping that this might make a little chink in his teenage armor of invincibility, maybe scare him into being more careful.
After numerous phone calls, the accident was dealt with and I decided to take care of renewing my domain name for my shop. Happily, I was able to purchase the dot com for my shop. It has been unavailable since I've wanted it (several years), but now it is MINE!! Instead of , I am! Actually I own .net, .com and .biz (it was a deal). I am really glad to have this domain name secured! Sorting this out with my hosting company was a bit of pain, but all is well now. Victory!
Now, the kids have all arrived back home and the normal chaos is happily filling the house. Dinner's in the oven and I am finally going to sit down in my studio for a moment.


Attic Rat said...

Metal will be straightened and repainted and then all will be well. My son's friend had a major accident yesterday and was in i.c.u. He's doing better now. We are hoping that he will be able to go to college this semester. He's a sophomore studying engineering. Hopefully, he won't get too far behind.

Congrats on your name. I bet that really feels good to make it all yours.

Paper Roses said...

I am so pleased your son is ok. It must have been a scary time.
Well done on getting your web name,i shall keep popping by to see your blog now, i found it by way of Nostalgia at the stonehouse,
I love your mermaid theme's.

Leah C said...

So very glad that Ian is all can be fixed. What a day you must have had!


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